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Spring is in the air.......

January 20, 2014

New York winter days can be harsh, so cold and windy compared to the mild weather I am used to back in sunny, old England.  However,  some days it feels like spring is in the air.  Thank goodness we are finally starting to see the spring collections coming into Namdaemun Market. My daughter Yerrhum will be pleased to have a new wardrobe.  Sometimes I cannot believe how fast she is growing, since October she has sprouted almost 3 inches, and now her trousers look like they have had an argument with her ankles.

Come and check out our new arrivals, you won't be disappointed.  All items are not only stylish, but comfortable and easy for children to maneuver in making them absolutely playground approved. We have some new blends of styles (sweatshirt layered shirt tops), everyday wear with a twist, and some beautiful spring colors, all ready to brighten up your little one's closet.  I am excited to shop, I hope you are too.

We are focused on fast fashion from South Korea, so to guarantee satisfaction - don't delay, check us out today at Color Me WHIMSY.


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