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Chinese Zodiac for Kids and Parents

January 31, 2014

Today is the start of the Lunar New Year - (Year of the Wooden Horse), and we thought the chinese zodiac for kids and parents would be fun to read. Our daughter Yerrhum was born in 2010, the year of the white tiger which is rare because it only comes around every 60 years. In South Korea, the white tiger is highly respected because it is so rare, and is a National Symbol featured on the flag. There is also an ancient legend involving four Gods in the image of animals, Chunyg Ryong (Blue Dragon) protected the east, Hyun Mu (Turtle-Snake) the north, Ju Jak (Pheonix) the south, and Baekho (White Tiger) the west.  These Gods were the guardians of the country, warding off evil spirits, keeping everything balanced and in harmony. It is strongly believed that children born under this sign will be wealthy, powerful, and born with an extraordinary amount of potential and luck.


2014 is the year of the wooden horse, taking over from the year of the water snake.  If you are a horse, it will be a year to lie low, as the natural Ying-Yang opposition is no longer in balance.  Therefore, over the course of the next year those born under this sign are due some tense situations and pressures in their personal life. It would do you well to make time for some self-reflection, try not to act too impulsively and avoid mistakes of overspending.


Happy Lunar New Year!

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