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A Day at the New York Botanical Gardens

October 19, 2014


On Friday we were lucky enough to enjoy a beautiful fall afternoon at the NYBG. We love to spend time together outdoors exploring and thought this would also be a great chance to give you peep into our world. Our daughter Yerrhum is an active bunny who loves to run, climb and jump, so it is really important that her clothing allows her to maneuver easily. As you can see below she is exploring her surrounding and familiarizing herself with all that surrounds her.






Everett Children's Adventure Garden was so much fun and offered a variety discoveries. We were even treated to our own private puppet show.


 Taking a respite from chasing Yerrhum and grabbing the chance for a family pose. I loved the wall of Lorillard Snuff Mill, the building and grounds were picture perfect too, but I didn't want to be the bad friend who bores you with every single photo.


 Yerrhum's dress was eyechatching, the fabric - beautiful, and the weight perfect for the weather, no jacket was necessary. Watch out for the dress and more stylish offers coming to our webshop this week.

If you are in NY, we highly recommend a visit to the New York Botanical Gardens 

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