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Yerrhum's new Sleep Blanket.

November 03, 2014

Last year we made the transition from sleep sack to quilt which was great as it signaled a new stepping stone Yerrhum was passing through. The only problem was that I found myself waking up 2-3 times a night to put the covers back on her. I was exhausted as my sleep was constantly broken and Yerrhum was often cold.

I found some sleep blankets in South Korea and immediately thought they were genius. They are light enough to wear over pjs, in bed under the covers, and add an essential layer of warmth for when my tossing-turning babe eventually kicks off all of her covers and destroys her bed. I still sometimes wake up during the night because old habits die hard, but I am better rested and Yerrhum too! 

The sleep blankets in our store use environmentally green inks, which are hypoallergenic - great for children's health and skin. They are soft and lightly quilted, and use great colors and designs. 

Here you can see Yerrhum goofing around before bedtime in her new Kitty Cook Sleep Blanket.
I love it, Yerrhum loves it, and we hope you and your Sweetie will love it too. Good night, sleep tight and let our sleep blanket make your eye's shine bright. Well rested and cheery for the day to come.

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