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The Children's Museum, Brooklyn.

November 23, 2014

Yerrhum and I have been huge fans of the Children's Museum of Manhattan ever since she was 1 (she is now 4). She loves running around the 3 floors exploring and playing. Upon a friends recommendation we took a trip to Brooklyn's Children's Museum and I think we like it more. It seemed bigger than Manhattan, perhaps because there was so much more to entertain us. It was absolutely perfect for her age group - a lot of play is set up for interacting with others (parents or other littles). We particularly loved World Brooklyn, Totally tots (sand and water play). One huge bonus Brooklyn has over Manhattan is the cafeteria, somewhere you can sit and eat whether you bring your own for or buy from the cafe. In Manhattan, no food or drinks are allowed on the premises, but it is situated in a convenient location with cafes and restaurants within a block.

Below I have some pictures of Yerrhum thoroughly enjoying her time. 

We absolutely loved it, and I think, over the winter we will be spending more time here. Maybe we will see you there - rocking Color Me WHIMSY's cool kids clothing with play ready style.

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