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Our Simple Fabric Guide

May 07, 2018

Our Simple Fabric Guide

Hello there,
When I started Color Me WHIMSY, something soon became apparent to me: how little I knew about fabric. I knew fabric was important, I get very touchy-feely in every clothing store, but I'd never bothered to learn what I was touching, it wasn't important to me, I had my fingers. Now, however, I use my eyes more. Now, it's important to know, when we know our fabrics, we know how they feel and what to expect. That's why I am putting together a series of guides and how-to's that I hope will be informative and useful to know.
When we are better informed, we can make better decisions.
Here's our easy-to-read guide (downloadable) on fabric: 

Color Me WHIMSY Simple Fabric Guide

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